Custom cabinets are ideal as they will fit in perfectly with your kitchen. This is true both in terms of size and design, although you will have to decide on a material, and many people wonder whether wood or MDF is better. To make informed decisions, you must understand the details surrounding each option.

Many high-end kitchen companies use MDF (medium-density fibreboard) when creating custom cabinets because it will not warp as it is more dimensionally stable. MDF is not a cheap material, and there are varying levels of quality. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, and many people find MDF to be more favourable than wood.

MDF: A Solid Wood Substitute

MDF can be used as a solid wood substitute for conventional five-piece panel cabinet construction, and homeowners will experience dimensional stability with these custom cabinets. As this is a composite material, the parts will become contiguous when they are glued together, which means in a few years, there will be no rattling when they are closed hard. In terms of hardness, the surface is equal to oak and has a similar density, which means it is durable. Additionally, MDF can be painted better and does not have the same seams as wood, which means it will not crack and split the paint. 

Wood cabinets, on the other hand, increase the value as a potential selling point on a home, and you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to determine which option is best for your home. Wood doors can be painted, and if a client wants wood custom cabinets, a shaker v-groove door or a mitered door is ideal because they are constructed differently and will not expand and contract as easily. This will prevent paint from cracking, although you have to consider the price, as a wood mitered door will cost more than what you would pay for MDF.

Custom Cabinet Materials & Longevity

One of the disadvantages of MDF is you can’t strip it, and if you ever decide you want real wood, this will be a problem. This material can also absorb water faster because the finish sits on top of the material and does not sink into the wood. Water can sink into the wood as well, although not as fast as MDF, which can become damaged faster. Additionally, MDF shelves can eventually bend, and if you decide on custom cabinets with this material, it is recommended that you turn your shelves upside down periodically to offset this sagging. 

Wood is a popular choice because you just can’t beat the look and feel of this material. Wood will last a long time, and you will love the appearance of your kitchen for years. Custom kitchen cabinets are always changing in terms of trends and styles, and wood can be stripped, which means if you change your mind in a few years, you will be able to achieve a different finish. Wood cabinets will retain their value and can withstand the test of time. 

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